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Planning Your Trip

When is the best time to travel?

The weather in the UK and Ireland is somewhat unpredictable however during May – September the weather is most likely to be at its best and we recommend traveling between these months.

What is best group size for a golf trip to Scotland or Ireland?

We recommend anywhere between 2 to 16 people however groups of 8 travelers are preferred. Eight is a perfect number for organizing tee times and transport and from our experience we have found that the dynamics of a group of this size is much better.

What kind of transportation is available for my group?

MB Tours offer trips either with a qualified driver/guide or on a self drive basis.

If you choose to self drive we will organize a vehicle to suit your group size and will over you a GPS System to make getting from A to B much easier.

Alternatively, you may prefer the option of using one of our private vehicles which are driven by a qualified driver/guide who will look after your every need throughout your vacation. Your driver is on hand to ensure that you get to each golf course on time and check you in for each tee time. He will provide you with information about the local area, take care of any dinner reservations you would like made and tend to your every need. The vehicle will be stocked with refreshments and should you have any special requests please do not hesitate to ask.

Are there any age restrictions for renting a vehicle?

Yes. There is a minimum age restriction of 25 and a maximum age restriction of 75.

Do any of the golf courses have handicap requirements?

Some golf courses have handicap requirements for visitors. These may differ for men and women. If you are unsure whether or not your handicap with meet the requirements of any of the courses please do not hesitate to ask us about this. We will ask for your handicap details prior to your arrival and we also recommend traveling with your handicap card.

Are golf carts available?

Golf carts are widely available at a few of the golf courses however the majority of courses only have a limited number for people with a medical certificate or in some cases for people registered as Disabled. This information is provided under each specific golf course in the ‘Destinations’ section of this website.

Should I use a caddy and what is the cost?
We recommend that our guests use caddies as we believe it adds to the overall experience, particularly on the championship courses where there is plenty of history that your caddy can inform you about. Caddies are approximately £40 GBP or €50 EURO in Scotland & Ireland respectively.

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Booking Your Trip

I want to play golf in Scotland or Ireland. How do I begin with the booking process?
Go to the ‘Destinations’ section of our website. Here you can view the locations, courses and accommodations that we offer. You can gather information about the courses you want to play and the areas you wish to visit. You can also view sample itineraries which aim to provide you with an idea of feasible routes and tours that may be of interest.

Once I have an idea of where I want to stay and play what do I do next?
Contact us toll free on 1 877 7MB TOUR so as we can discuss your trip requirements. These include the time of year you want to travel and length of your trip to the number of rounds of golf you wish to play and type of accommodation you would like to stay in. If you have a budget in mind we recommend that you let us know so we have a figure to work to.

Alternatively you may wish to complete an enquiry form which can be found on the ‘Get In Touch’ section of this website.

We have some people in our group that do not want to play golf. Is there anything else that you can arrange for them?
Plenty! The most popular choice for non golfers is to enjoy a day or two sightseeing with a qualified tour guide. We also organize shopping trips, spa days, afternoon teas and theatre tickets. The more adventurous may enjoy a day at a Scottish or Irish cookery school.

Once I tell you what I want, how do we move forward?
We will put together an itinerary based on your requirements and will e-mail it to you for your review. Once you have had a chance to look at it and discuss it with your group you can contact us with your feedback and we can make any changes required in order to create the perfect trip.

How can I confirm the trip?
All arrangements can be confirmed as soon as the last golf club confirms your exact tee time with us. At this time we would kindly request a 25% deposit (from each participant) to confirm the trip. On receiving all deposits we will send out a finalized itinerary along with a receipt of payment for your records.

How can payment be made?
Payment can be made by credit card (3% credit card fee will apply), cheque or by international bank transfer. On requesting payment we will provide in depth payment information.

Can you make air travel arrangements and can I purchase travel insurance from you?
We advise contacting your local travel agent to make air travel arrangements and to purchase travel insurance. The only air travel arrangements we can make are helicopter transfers between golf courses. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance.

What if I have to cancel my trip?
Our terms and conditions (which outline our cancellation policies) can be viewed on our website and we strongly advise consulting these prior to booking.

Once the booking is confirmed are we able to make any changes to our itinerary?
Yes. A small administrative fee will be charged. Please see terms and conditions.

What about my cell phone and the electricity supply?
If you wish to take your cell phone on your trip please speak to your cell phone provider to ensure that it will work in the UK & Ireland.

We suggest you travel with an adaptor specific to your destination. This will be required should you wish to charge your cell phone, camera or should you wish to use any other personal electronic items.

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When do I pay the final 75% of the cost of my trip?
We kindly request that the outstanding balance of 75% be paid to MB Tours 10 weeks prior to arrival.

When will I receive final travel information?

On receiving final payment we will send out a copy of your finalized itinerary in addition to pre arrival information which give you advice on tipping policies, caddy fees and other issues that may come to mind.

Do you have any advice on air travel to and from Scotland & Ireland?
Yes. We recommend trying to fly directly into Scotland and Ireland if at all possible. Continental offer an excellent daily direct service.

If you are flying through London please keep in mind that Heathrow Airport is a very large and busy airport. Please give yourself enough time to transfer between terminals and keep in mind that although you might make your connection your golf clubs may not.

What is the cost for rental clubs should I require them?
Rental clubs can be paid for at the golf club directly and generally cost approximately £40 GBP or €50 EURO per set.

What documentation do I require for my trip?
You will need a valid passport and drivers license. We also recommend traveling with your handicap card or evidence of your handicap. We supply a copy of your itinerary on arrival so you do not need to worry about bringing this with you. Vouchers or tickets that have been issued for a particular tee time or theatre booking will be enclosed in your welcome pack which will be given to you on arrival.

How would you recommend I transport my golf clubs?
We recommend soft shell travel bags which are easier to store in your hotel, coach or rental car.

Can I ship my golf clubs ahead of me to my destination?
Yes. Please ask your travel executive for further details.

What should I pack?
As the weather in Scotland and Ireland can be quite unpredictable we recommend packing layers of clothing including waterproof and wind gear. The courses require proper golf attire and if you are packing tailored golf shorts please bring knee length shorts as some courses require that these be worn.

What about a jacket and tie?
If you would like us to book formal dining for you then we would recommend that you pack a dinner jacket and tie as some of the finer restaurants do have dress codes.

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What happens when I arrive at my destination?
As outlined on your itinerary you will be met by an MB Tours representative on arrival. Your representative will take you to your private vehicle where your driver/guide will await. While you stretch your legs or make yourself comfortable on the coach your driver will pack your luggage and golf clubs for your departure from the airport. If you are on a self drive tour your representative will take you to the vehicle where you can familiarize yourself with the vehicle and sign the relevant paperwork.

If my departure is delayed who should I call?
As soon as you become aware of a delay in your departure please call MB Tours.

What happens if my golf clubs don't make it to my final destination at the same time as I do?
MB Tours will obtain the tracking number from you and will follow up with your airline to ensure that your golf clubs are delivered to your destination as soon as possible. We will also organize rental clubs should you have a round of golf that afternoon.

What can I expect from my Driver/Guide
Your driver/guide will be on hand throughout your trip, from the moment you arrive until your departure. He is there to ensure that you get to each golf course on time and check you in for each tee time, he will provide you with information about the local area, take care of any dinner reservations you would like made and tend to your every need. The vehicle will be stocked with refreshments and should you have any special requests please do not hesitate to ask.

How do I navigate my way to the hotels and golf courses if I am on a self drive tour?
MB Tours will provide you with a tourist map in addition to driving directions and/or GPS and the necessary contact information for each destination.

Can you assist with dinner suggestions?
We would be delighted to make dinner reservations in advance of your arrival and incorporate these into your itinerary. Alternatively, we can offer you a list of restaurants that we recommend you visit at each destination. This list will be enclosed in the Welcome Pack that you will receive on arrival. Each restaurants contact details will be outlined so as you have the option to contact the restaurant directly.

Can you assist with sightseeing suggestions?
We would be delighted to make sightseeing suggestions in advance of your arrival or incorporate time spent with a tour guide into your itinerary. Alternatively, we can offer you a list of places of interest that we recommend you visit at each destination. This list will be enclosed in the Welcome Pack that you will receive on arrival.


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